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Welcome to the official website of the Famous Potato! an iniciative of Panagrotikos Syndesmos of Cyprus and of the potato producers of our island. 

It is said that the potato arrived in Cyprus by the 16th century, nevertheless no until the 19th and 20th century, started the the systematic importing and diffusion of intensive cultivation in the island.  The cultivation of potato today, is one of the most important agricultural crops in Cyprus and the majortiy of the produce is forwarded to all markets of European Union.

Due to its climate and the characteristics of the terroir, with prominent the red soil that is rich in nutrients, potatoes are produced with special organoleptic qualities and almost around the year.

Our culinary tradition give to the potato a leading role as from the beginning of its presence, recipes and dishes were adapted to its intrinsic qualities and flavor. Have an nice time and we hope you apetize some, or all, of our unique gastronomic proposals that can tantalise the enjoyment of your favorite potato!

Enjoy the Famous Potato!