SPUNTA: This Dutch variety is the oldest variety currently produced in Cyprus. First planted in 1968, the variety is very productive, rather early-maturing, with excellent agronomic features and produces big, long tubers with slightly yellow flesh of multiple uses (cooking type B).

NICOLA: Undoubtedly the most important variety that is consumed as early-maturing in Europe. It is medium-early maturing salad-potato (A-B), although many times it is destined for general use. It produces tubers with nice, long shape, regular size, yellow skin and flesh. It has “waxy” texture and exceptional taste. High density planted.

ANABELLE: Dutch salad-potato, of waxy cohesive type, breeding of the known varieties NICOLA and MONALISA. It is early-maturing variety with relatively big number of long tubers with yellow flesh and particular taste.

FILEA: German salad-potato that was first planted in Cyprus in 1995. It produces oviform tubers, of medium size, with shallow eyes, yellow skin and very yellow flesh.

MARFONA:  Dutch early-maturing productive variety that was first planted in Cyprus in 1979. It produces very big, rather oviform, tubers with slightly hollow eyes, slightly yellow skin and slightly yellow flesh of “waxy” texture (type B-C).

MARABEL: German early-maturing variety that is been cultivated in Cyprus for the last 20 years. This potato of general use (type B) has very good features and great “refined” taste. It produces uniform and oviform tubers of medium-big size with sleek skin and shallow eyes. The yellow flesh presents no decolorations.