Hints&Tips (en)

Today more than 100 potato varieties are cultivated available around the year, with diffences in the color, texture, taste, aroma, size and even their use. One thing is sure that all varieties offer you the same pleasure and excitment. If we classify potatoes according to the way they are prepared, we can come up with three types:

Α. With tight and firm flesh, ideal for salads

Β. With very floury texture, ideal for mashed and fried

Γ.  with rather firm flesh, ideal for grilled and salad.

Indifferent which variety is your favorit and the one you buy, from the moment it has been rippen from the farm until reaching your hands, it Ανεξάρτητα πάντως από το είδος της πατάτας που αγοράζετε, αυτή, από την στιγμή που έχει βγει από το χωράφι μέχρι να φτάσει στα χέρια σας, it is subjected to natural deterioration. Follow our tips to ensure as much as possible their proper consumption and their maintenance:

  • check the tubers: they should have normal features, firm flesh, they are not sprouted, they are without bangs or green.
  • Wash thoroughly with running water before and after the cleaning to prevent browning.
  • It is not recommended keeping them in water because they might loose some of their nutrients.
  • Store in a dark, dry and cool place with good ventilation.
  • If there are wounded or blemished potatoes they should be removed or kept separated from the good ones.